What does the public think about Florida’s water?

The groundwater that Florida so heavily depends upon is being depleted due to high population growth, urban development and the agricultural needs of the state. As one of Florida’s most contentious issues, water conflict is difficult to avoid. The PIE Center revisited the topic for the second year, asking voting-age Floridians about their attitudes, behaviors and experiences with water conservation, quality and quantity. READ MORE.

Importance of water

Eighty-three percent rated water as a highly or extremely important issue in Florida, behind only the economy and healthcare. READ MORE.

Willingness to pay to protect

Sixty-nine percent of Floridians are willing to increase their water bill by 10 percent to protect Florida’s water supply in the future. READ MORE.

FL vs. GA water wars

Floridians are largely unaware of a rivalry between Florida and Georgia affecting oyster production in the Panhandle. READ MORE.